Financial Services You Can Trust

The Financial Independence Club is a financial services firm that offers a complete range of products to help you reach your goals.  Our professional and experienced Financial Advisors will provide you the best financial planning experience in Montreal. We offer advice on:

We believe we add value to our clients’ financial situation in three major ways

  1. We help bring together a clear picture of your entire financial situation in one easy-to-read document, which makes decision making and comparisons simple.
  2. Through our extensive network of product suppliers and partner companies, we can shop around virtually the entire Canadian financial services market to find you the best products to fit your needs, for the best value.
  3. Our financial education course, offered free of charge to clients and their friends or family in a relaxed, friendly environment, makes building financial literacy simple and fun while keeping our clients aware of new developments and opportunities in the world of personal finance.

Why should you consult with one of our trusted Financial Advisors

From college students to retirees, we have helped hundreds of people in Montreal reach their financial goals. A financial goal is not necessarily savings or investment related.  You could benefit from the guidance of a Financial Advisor for a number of things, including:

  • Setting up a more manageable and realistic budget
  • Managing and paying off debt more efficiently
  • Comparing the different mortgages available on the market, and determining which is right for you
  • Learning how to pay off your mortgage faster,  and whether you should invest elsewhere
  • Understanding the different investment options, and how to invest for the greatest return
  • Income tax strategies that lead to significant  savings
  • Ensuring you have the right insurance coverage at the most competitive rates