We Offer A Comprehensive Suite Of Financial Services

Individuals, families and businesses alike can benefit from a well executed financial plan. Whether you’re just starting out or in retirement, our professional and certified staff will design a fully personalized strategy with your best interests at heart. Our Montreal based Financial Advisors are at your service. We offer an array of financial services and products, including:

Take Control Of Your Finances

Gain Peace Of Mind

Get money working for you. Learn smart strategies to build wealth quicker, pay off debt faster and gain in-depth understanding on how to mitigate risk and diversify.

Financial Literacy Is A Critical Life Skill

With the myriad of financial considerations affecting the lives of Montrealers, having necessary levels of financial literacy – the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions – is an absolute must. Money management is so critical, yet there is a surprising lack of education about it. The Financial Independence Club aims to close the gap on financial education and to empower our members to make wiser decisions. Our free financial literacy courses give you the “insider” scoop on how best to manage your money and debts. Learn powerful strategies that you can apply towards your own personal situation.

We offer 10 courses.  You are welcomed to attend all, or just those pertinent to your own financial circumstances. Spacing is limited so register now to reserve your spot.  Courses include:

  • Building a Family Budget
  • Understanding Life Insurance
  • Getting the Most out of Employee Benefits
  • Taxes & How to Beat Them
  • RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Debt Management & Credit Scores
  • Home Ownership Tips
  • Children and Finances
  • Things You Need to Know About Investing
  • Retirement
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